ezProtocol is a program designed for Opentrons OT2 robot. It handles writing detailed script for you so you can spend your time on things that matter. It can be found here.

ezProtocol can read protocol file in a format designed to be easy but versatile.

See here on how to make a protocol file.


ezProtocol relies on below packages: - PyYAML - Pandas - python-frontmatter - regex - opentrons

Installation (pip deploy pending)

Clone this repo:

git clone https://github.com/SichongP/ezProtocol

Change directory:

cd ezProtocol

Install package:

pip install .

Or, use install.sh script:

bash install.sh

Test installation:

ezprotocol -h

Getting started

Once you have protocol and deck layout file ready (see here for more detail on protocol and layout format), on commandline, type:

ezprotocol -p protocol.txt -d deck_layout.csv -o ot2_script.py
Sichong Peng
PhD student

I study equine genetics/genomics at UC Davis Veterinary school. My primary interest is functional annotation of non-model organisms and its applications.